"Mapping Your Tribe: Where did you come from?"

You know where your family comes from.  Now what?  DNA testing companies do a terrific job describing the ancestral origins of haplogroups going back over 10,000 years.  How did your tribe get from point A to point B and what history did they make along the way?  

"Genetic Genealogy: Adding DNA to your Toolkit"

We’re all cousins! Genetic genealogy can tell us just how closely we are related. It involves the use of DNA testing to determine the level of genetic relationship between individuals. Learn about your deep ancestry or break through brick walls in your genealogy research.

"Finding Living Cousins for DNA Testing"

Most of the time we are looking for ancestors.  Sometimes we need to find the living and that can be just as challenging.  They may have records that will help your research.  You may want to ask them for a DNA sample to help solve a family mystery.  Or, you may be trying to return a rare photo or family Bible to a descendant.

"Adding DNA to Your Entire Tree"

Is y-DNA limited to your immediate paternal line?  You can collect DNA for nearly every person in your family tree.

"Time to Most Recent Ancestor:  DNA and the 4th Dimension"

TMRCA answers the question, ‘OK, you and I are related. How far back in time do we have to go to find the connection?’

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